The main features of miniLIS are the following:

Automation of work

You can automate a small laboratory or even a work space by keeping an up-to-date database of lab orders and results.

Archive results

Making all forms of the results using the integrated forms designer.

Print the results

Making all forms of the results using the integrated forms designer.

Quality control

Internal quality control and the construction of control charts.

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miniLIS Desktop
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  • Registration of lab orders +
  • Labels with bar-code +
  • Email results +
  • Printed form of the results +
  • Quality control +
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miniLIS Cloud
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  • DESKTOP features and additionally: +
  • Online +
  • Tasking +
  • Statistics +
  • Up to 2,500 records +
miniLIS Cloud Pro
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  • CLOUD features and additionally: +
  • Export data +
  • No limits on the number of records +
  • Premium support +
  • Connection of one analyzer for free +

Analyzer Manager

Analyzer Manager software is designed for the integration of the laboratory analytical equipment with laboratory/medical informational systems. The point of the integration is the automatic formulation of the task to the analyzer, automatic recording of the results into the informational system and also performing of many other tasks of data exchange (quality control, image acquisition, control of the analyzer’s work, etc.).
By clicking here you can view the list of analytical equipment, which is already connected to software Analyzer Manager. The list is constantly updating. 


TerraLab(en)-basic.exp - The minimum set of indicators for the main groups of laboratory tests made on the basis of a generalized user experience of LIMS TerraLab. This is needed for miniLIS Desktop version as we already include these sets in various languages in miniLIS Cloud.

We can translate our set of indicators (laboratory nomenclature) into any language of your choice. Please contact us if you require any further information.

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